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. Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010

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• 21* ppm Printing/Copying
• Standard-equipped GDI Printer Function
• Standard Local Scanner Function
• Network Functions (Network Twain Scan, Scan to E-mail/FTP, Internet Fax) (Optional)
• Super G3 Fax

• Double-sided Printing/Copying
• Small Footprint

A4 crosswise


Big on functions, small in size. The compact, all-in-one bizhub 211. Equip your office with an easy-to-use, A3 digital MFP that's loaded with all the functions you need, like copying, printing, scanning, and faxing. Empower yourself with higher productivity and superior performance. The bizhub 211 increases work efficiency while lowering the total cost of ownership, especially in communication costs, and fits perfectly into SOHO, mid-size offices, or wherever space is a consideration.
Scan & Send

The bizhub 211 serves as a standard Local TWAIN Scanner when connected directly to a PC. With it, you can scan originals up to A3 size, and convert paper documents to digital data just as simply as you would make copies. You can also share the information over the network as an optional function. And with the bizhub 211, you can conveniently scan and attach documents to your e-mail and send them on.
Network Printing Function*¹

Documents up to A3 size can be output from a PC with the standard GDI controller. The bizhub 211 prints 21 pages/min*² at 300 dpi or 12 pages/min*³ at 600 dpi. You can print a 2, 4, 6, 9, or 16-page layout onto a single sheet, and add watermarks such as "CONFIDENTIAL". In addition, by adding the optional Image Controller IC-206 you get superior image resolution. The bizhub 211 comes equipped with High Speed USB 2.0 as standard, so you can use this product as a local printer without a network environment.
*1 Optional Network Interface Card NC-503 required
*2 A4/letter crosswise (letter crosswise: 20 pages/min)
*2 A4/letter crosswise
FAX & Internet FAX*

The bizhub 211 fax function uses the Super G3 international standard and the JBIG standard high-efficiency data compression scheme. Faxes of up to A3 size can be sent over ordinary telephone lines at high speed, keeping your communication costs down. You can register up to 240 frequently used fax numbers and e-mail addresses. Plus, you can also register up to 32 destination items in the One-Touch Dial. The Internet Fax function can greatly reduce telephone charges, especially when communicating with people in distant locations.

* Optional


Because the scanning, printing, and communication functions are completely independent, documents can be faxed* even while other documents are being printed. This eliminates waiting time so you can be more productive. Numerous automatic functions are built-in to deliver outstanding results. These include auto-density adjustment, auto-paper selection, and auto-zoom setting. Also the five-stage cassette with Multi Bypass Tray capability* enables continuous feeding for large-volume jobs and versatile paper, minimising downtime for paper replenishment and facilitating large copy runs. Double-sided prints/copies* can be made from single-or double-sided documents.

* Optional


PageScope Web Connection*¹ lets you confirm the amount of paper and toner remaining, make speed dial settings, and designate the destination for sending scanned data, all from your PC.

Also, by connecting the bizhub 211 to your PC via a USB cable, the Local Setup & Diagnosis (LSD)*² function will let you register One Touch, Speed Dial and Group Dial numbers, and create initial settings for fax registrations, copy functions and e-mail all right from your PC.

Supplied with optional Network Interface Card NC-503 or Image Controller IC-206.
*2 Supplied with Fax Kit FK-506

Universal Design

With high-contrast indications, large buttons, a variable-angle LCD, and a new, simplified layout, the user-friendly control panel is designed for easy operation. The sharp, crisp display has easy-to-understand explanations, and frequently used buttons are larger. The bizhub 211 control panel features Arrow Menu keys, which reduce the number of buttons for simpler operability, and the new Flippable One-Touch key menu accommodates more One-Touch keys in a smaller space.

The two-tone earth colour of this practical design makes output pages easier to see. The highly functional and compact design of the bizhub 211 helps keep set-up space to a minimum for ideal in-office placement.


211 Specifications
Reading Resolution600 dpi
Writing Resolution600 dpi
Memory CapacityStandard32MB
Gradation256 Levels
Original TypeSheet, Book, 3-D (Max. 3.0kg)
Max. Original SizeA3
Copy SizeA3 to A5
Image LossApprox. 4 mm of image loss for each top/bottom/right/left edges
Warm-Up Time15 sec. or less
First Copy TimeFlatbed Scan7 sec. or less
ADF Scan11 sec. or less
RADF Scan11 sec. or less
Copy SpeedA421 pages/min
Letter20 pages/min
Copy MagnificationFixed Ratio0.25/0.50/0.70/0.81/1.00/1.15/1.41/2.00/4.00
Zoom Ratio set by Up/Down key25% - 400% adjustable in 0.1 steps
Paper TrayMain BodyMulti-Purpose Tray (250 sheets)
Bypass Tray1 Sheet
OptionalPaper Feed Unit PF-502 (250 sheets × 4)
Multi Bypass Tray MB-501 (100 sheets)
Paper WeightMain Body60-90g/m²
Bypass Tray60-157g/m²
Continuous Copy No.1-99 Sheet
Power Source220-240V 5.5A 50/60Hz
Max. Power Consumption230V machine1,250W
Dimensions: (W × D × H)599 × 620 × 487mm (23-1/2" × 24-1/2" × 19-1/4")*
* To the face of original glass.
WeightBasicApprox. 38kg
Full OptionApprox. 89kg
Floor Occupied Dimensions(W × D)Basic599 × 620mm (23-1/2" × 24-1/2")
Full Option998 × 665mm (39-1/4" × 26-1/4")
Other FunctionsStandardGDI Printer (with GDI Driver)
Local Scan (with TWAIN Driver)
Auto Zoom Setting/Auto Paper Selection
Image Rotation
Lengthwise/Crosswise Self-Magnification Change
Book Interrupt (Book Original → Simplex Auto Copy)
Filing (Image Shift, Erase, Book Erase)
2-in-1 Copy/4-in-1 Copy
Electronic Sorting
Energy Saving (Pre-heat/Auto Power Off)
Program Registration: 2
Electronic Counter for Print (Total, Size)
Non-Stylised Size Registration: 3
Interrupt Copy
10 Key Account Management
OptionalCrisscross Sort Copy (With Paper Feed Unit PF-502,
or Multi Bypass Tray MB-501attached)

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GDI Image Controller (Standard)
TypeEmbedded Type
CPU32-bit RISC CPU 100MHz
MemoryStandard32MB (Shared with the copier)
Optional128MB (Shared with the copier)
Print SpeedA421/12 pages/min (300dpi/600dpi)
Letter20/12 pages/min (300dpi/600dpi)
Resolution600dpi × 600dpi, 300dpi × 300dpi
ProtocolOptionalTCP/IP, IPX/SPX (With Network Interface Card NC-503 attached)
Support OSWindows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Server 2003
InterfaceStandardUSB 2.0 Compatible
OptionalEthernet 100Base-TX/10Base-T (With Network Interface Card NC-503 attached)

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Image Controller IC-206 (Includes Network Interface Card Features)
TypeMount Type
CPU32-bit ARM926 180MHz
Print SpeedA421/13 pages/min (600dpi × 600dpi/1200dpi (equiv.)× 600dpi)
Letter20/13 pages/min (600dpi × 600dpi/1200dpi (equiv.)× 600dpi)
Resolution600dpi × 600dpi, 1200dpi (equiv.) × 600dpi
FontPCL English 53 fonts
Support OSWindows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Server 2003
InterfaceUSB 2.0 Compatible
Ethernet 100Base-TX/10Base-T

Power Consumption

DC24V, DC5V Supplied by main body

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Local TWAIN Scanner (Standard)
TypeB/W scanner
SizeA3 Lengthwise, A4, B5, A5, B4 Lengthwise, Legal Lengthwise, Letter, Invoice, 11" × 17",
11" × 14", FLS, 8K, 16K
Resolution150dpi × 150dpi, 300dpi × 300dpi, 600dpi × 600dpi
Support OSWindows 98/Me/2000/XP/Server 2003
InterfaceUSB 2.0 Compatible

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Fax Kit FK-506
Transmission StandardSuper G3
Adaptation CircuitGeneral Circuit, PBX (Internal Circuit)
Transmission Speed2.4kbps-33.6kbps
Transmission TimeApprox. 3 sec (When sending a JBIG compressed A4 original with Super G3 mode)
Transmission Size Max. A3 (11" × 17")
FlatbedMax. 297 (W) × 1000 (Length) mm (Std/Fine/Super Fine)
ADFMax. 297 (W) × 900 (Length) mm (Super Fine, Manual Tx mode)
Recording SizeA5 Crosswise, B5 Crosswise, A4, B4 Lengthwise, A3 Lengthwise (Half Letter Crosswise, Letter, Legal)
Resolution204dpi × 98dpi (std), 204dpi × 196dpi (Fine), 204dpi × 392dpi/408dpi × 392dpi (Super Fine)
Abbreviated Dial240
One Touch Dial32
Program Dial4
Sequential Multiple Station TransmissionMax. 255
Other Transmitting FunctionsBook Transmission, Memory Transmission, PC Fax, Batch Transmission,
Timer Transmission, Manual Transmission, Mailbox Transmission,
Polling Transmission, Relay Initiation Transmission, Relay Broadcast
Transmission, Fax Forwarding function
Other Receiving FunctionsMemory Reception, Mailbox Reception, Polling Reception

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